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M83 – Midnight City

M83 Midnight City Black Cat

Electro-pop band, M83, has been around for a few years but they are just now bursting onto the music scene. Midnight City is a tour de force of high energy, electric beats wrapped around stilled vocals. This song is infectious and will have you wanting to get up and move immediately. Not to mention the killer horns solo halfway through, damn, what a song. I would highly recommend grabbing the album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

Listen: M83 – Midnight City [audio|titles=Midnight City|artists=M83]

Be sure to grab tickets to see these guys at The Black Cat DC on Friday, October 28. I have tickets to the early show because I plan on jetting over to 9:30 afterward to catch The Naked and Famous. It’s going to be an epic night of music entertainment, do join.


Bon Iver + James Blake = Fall Creek Boys Choir

Listen to this crazy collaboration between Bon Iver and James Blake. Two great music powerhouses collaborating is always a real treat and this single quite interestingly blends the two styles. It’s going to take me a few days to wrap my mind around this one, but either way it’s a must listen. Can’t wait to see what else may come from this collab.

Music Video: Bon Iver – Holocene

The second single from Bon Iver’s new album has been enhanced by this stunning music video directed by NABIL. The video follows a young boy through the ever-changing and enchanting backdrop of Iceland’s wilderness. Holocene is such a beautiful song and the awe-inspiring visuals captured by NABIL leave me considering picking everything up and heading out to the great unknown. Take a few minutes and let this video take you to a quiet, peaceful place.

Listen: Bon Iver – Holocene (Live @ 9:30 Club) [audio|titles=Holocene|artists=Bon Iver]

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A Generations First

This video made me appreciate the smaller things in life just a little more. The smile is contagious as you watch a generation witness their first snow in Wellington, New Zealand.

A once in a lifetime experience

filmed & edited by Ro Tierney on August 15th 2011

Music: Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy

mp3 of the Week: Pinback – Good to Sea

Pinback Good to Sea Penelope

The mp3 for this week has been on my list for quite sometime now. Pinback’s 2007 release Good to Sea, off of Autumn of the Seraphs has recently started gaining ground in the blogosphere. An old school indie mainstay, Pinback is once again relevant in today’s indie scene. Their electro backdrops and chill wave harmonies fit in perfectly with what everyone seems to be craving these days. Which raises the question, how far ahead of the curve were these guys? Food for thought…enjoy.

Listen: Pinback – Good to Sea 

[Bonus] New Track: Pinback – Penelope

mp3 of the Week: Beirut – East Harlem

Starting today, and continuing each following Wednesday, I am going to post a song that I just cannot keep of my playlist. This way you can close out your week enjoying the same song. Yes, this is stealing the idea of tons of music blogs, but it had to start somewhere so why not continue the trend. I will add my two cents about the song to avoid a completely meaningless post. Please drop your comments each week so we can track and discuss who’s enjoying what.

Beirut, East Harlem, The Rip Tide

This week we hear from Beirut w/ East Harlem, off their new album, The Rip Tide. This track is proof that horns (and Beirut) are back baby! East Harlem highlights Beirut’s amazing ability to transform a simple song into a masterpiece by placing the right instrumentation with an unexpected change of pace.

Listen: Beirut – East Harlem [audio|titles=East Harlem|artists=Beirut]

Listen: Beirut – The Rip Tide; steaming in its entirety over at NPR Music First Listen.

Photos: The Decemberists w/ The Head and the Heart @ Charlottesville 8/3/11

The Head and the Heart killed it as openers. These guys will be hitting VA several times this fall as headliners so keep an eye on Concert Pulse for a show near you. The Decemberists performed one of the more entertaining shows I have ever seen. Colin Meloy had his band laying on the stage, playing somber notes, while the crowd crouched in anticipation of the explosion. A few songs later, the entire crowd was swaying with the motion of the ocean and singing along at full pitch. Talk about stage presence; wild, unadulterated fun. This is Why We Fight and Won’t Want For Love were beyond incredible.

Here are my shitty camera picks from The Decemberists w/ The Head and the Heart @ the Charlottesville Pavilion in Virginia. I really need to start bringing my real camera to shows. For now, these will have to do.

The Head and the Heart Charlottesville

The Head and the Heart @ Charlottesville 8/3/11

The Head and the Heart Charlottesville

The Head and the Heart @ Charlottesville 8/3/11

The Decemberists Charlottesville

The Decemberists @ Charlottesville 8/3/11

The Decemberists Charlottesville

The Decemberists @ Charlottesville 8/3/11

Milo Greene – The Hello Sessions

Milo Green, The Hello Sessions

If you do one thing tonight/this week/this year, it should be to listen to Milo Greene. Their songs are draped with ever changing, layered harmonies that will leave you lost in the moment of sound. Milo Greene’s debut EP, The Hello Sessions,  is made up of four diverse songs that impact a still and deep feeling that lingers long after the songs are over. I am left wondering what I was doing for the past four minutes after each song.

1957 shows off the talents of female vocalist and guitarist, Marlana Sheetz, and is easily one my favorite indie folk songs of this year. Silent Way is laid out beautifully by the drooping banjo plucking and intermittent violin while the chorus repeats, longingly, “When we’re older can I still come over?“.

Milo Greene has the great privilege of touring with the infections Civil Wars this fall in what will be a must-see concert. And aren’t we so lucky that they will be hitting the area twice! I already have my tickets to the DC show so get yours fast because dates are quickly selling out

  •  Saturday Oct. 22 @ The Jefferson Theater; Charlottesville,VA
  • Sunday Oct. 23 @ The Lincoln Theater; Washington D.C.

Concert Review: Bon Iver @ The National

Well, I can cross that one off of the bucket list. You know it’s going to be a good show when you have goosebumps during the three and half hour drive to the concert. Bon Iver has meant so much to me in the development of my musical sense and passion. Finally seeing them was a dream come true. It was only fitting that I returned to see them in my hometown of Richmond at The National.

Watching Bon Iver take the stage as a nine member band (with some serious horns and two drum sets) was quiet the spectacle. The stage was a modest set with about ten light towers that pulsated and flooded the stage with colors of mostly blue and red throughout the show. Immediately upon Justin Vernon taking the stage, you could feel the power of the performer and the crowd was transformed.

bon iver, the national, justin vernon

Bon Iver played from their full arsenal of songs while highlighting the new, self-titled album. Classics from For Emma, Forever Ago were augmented by the full band and the horns were a blazing intensity throughout the night. Re: Stacks was delivered with a deeply personal touch. The entire band exited the stage, leaving just Vernon and his acoustic to lay down a heart wrenching performance to the silent crowd. Blood Bank was a great example of the full band completely enhancing an incredible song. They covered Bjork’s Who Is It, which featured Reggie Pace (RVA! RVA!) killing it with his incredible beat boxing and Colin Stetson taking over on horns. New songs Perth and Holocene showed just how far Bon Iver has come as a band.

The close to this concert (the best show I have ever seen) has changed me. It was a surreal moment that brought together so much of what I was feeling musically. First, the main set was capped by For Emma, which left the crowd in a frenzy calling for the encore (it was damn loud!). The encore did not disappoint. The three song culmination was led off with a rowdy, jammed out performance of Beth/Rest (much better than the album version) and finished with a rousing sing-along of Wolves. Skinny Love sat in the middle and was everything I expected from one of my favorite songs of all time; Veron, his acoustic, and stomp clapping – doesn’t get any better than that.

I cannot remember ever seeing a crowd so utterly transfixed in a state of pure bliss. The sold out theater swayed and sang along through every note. Everyone around me was melting underneath Justin’s voice. Even I have to admit to my moments of eyes closed, head back, fully content with life.

Continue reading for the setlist and links to the live performance at the 9:30 club…

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