Bon Iver + James Blake = Fall Creek Boys Choir

Listen to this crazy collaboration between Bon Iver and James Blake. Two great music powerhouses collaborating is always a real treat and this single quite interestingly blends the two styles. It’s going to take me a few days to wrap my mind around this one, but either way it’s a must listen. Can’t wait to see what else may come from this collab.


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  1. thomas!! hi friend, so i’ve been keeping up with your blog to help me keep in touch with quality music 🙂 milo greene is GENIUS, thank you for sharing them!! i was wondering if you knew the barr brothers, because i am recently obsessed with this song:
    i’m always the last to know everything so maybe you already know them but i love this song so much that i had to make sure!
    lots of love from peru, keep the music coming!

  2. KIM!!! So great to hear from you! Milo Green is straight magic. I get to see them this Sunday in DC and I’m super pumped. I hadn’t heard of the Barr Brothers and since you suggested them two other people have brought them up. Definitely a great song.

    Looks like you’re starting to get along well in Peru from your Blog and Twitter updates. Keep it up, we miss you back here in the states.

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