Flavor of the Week: Purity Ring

Purity Ring, Lofticries, Belispeak, Ungirthed

Wow, now there’s a headline!

Call me late to the game but who could blame me for wanting as many people as possible to know about this group. Purity Ring is a breath of fresh air that is tearing through the indie pop electro world. Though, it has been difficult gathering useful information about this band since a simple Google search is littered with “promise/purity ring” results. No one wants that. Well, maybe that’s the way it should be for Purity Ring. Let the singles spread by way of blog, giving everyone that unquenched thirst for their pinging pop beats. The masses will have no choice but to go see them live. Well played.

Purity Ring’s songs fit so many different categories it’s not worth trying to stick them into one genre. Regardless, the end result is awesome. On my personal favorite, Ungirthed, the seemingly randomly assorted electro beats unexpectedly give way to Megan James’s refreshing vocal stylings.

Their self-categorization of “future pop” is most accurate on Belispeak. All things considered, Purity Ring has assembled an addictive group of singles that might be a little too unpredictable to get stuck in your head but you will soon be craving for more and more listens. Enjoy the Flavor of the Week.



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