Album Review: Loch Lomond – Little Me Will Start A Storm

Loch Lomond, Little Me Will Start A Storm, Elephants & Little Girls

One apt phrase to describe this band’s sound: pure Pacific Northwest bliss. Loch Lomond have been making solid headway on the indie folk scene since their 2003 debut. Now, with Little Me Will Start A Storm this group out of Portland has put it all together.

Strange and creative; inventive and unique; foreign and familiar. Lomond builds passionately on the rising and falling emotional tide fluctuations throughout each song. In Elephants & Little Girls, Ritchie Young tells a tale of dreams remembered only to be forgotten just as quick. This play leaves you with a brief sense of longing for some far off truth. Almost without notice, that feeling is replaced and the dream is relived.

This back and forth is paramount throughout the album. An overarching lively joyousness is manufactured out of a deep, brooding undertone that never fully surfaces. The use of differentiated stings and keys in I Love Me provides a refreshing yet sorrowful contrast to the upbeat tones of Elephants and Blood Bank.

Little Me Will Start A Storm clearly offers Lomond’s most complex and instinctive project to date. The six part folk instrumentations and vocal harmonies create a multi-faceted, thoughtful sound that resonates throughout. The band’s ability to seamlessly change the featured instruments song to song adds to the mysterious ebb and flow. The end result is a complex mixture of talent that highlights Lomond’s maturation process. Do yourself a favor and give this album a listen, it repays immediately and generously.

Elephants & Little Girls


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