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Mutual Benefit – The Cowboy’s Prayer

Mutual Benefit, The Cowboy's Prayer

This EP gets me. Well, I’m not even sure I can call this an EP but I do know that Cowboy’s Prayer is quite simply one of the best bits of music I’ve heard all year. Mutual Benefit is the creative brainchild of Jordan Lee, manager of Kassette Klub music label. There is not a lot out there on Mutual Benefit but you need only listen to the tracks.

The Cowboy’s Prayer is a meld of simple reverbs and experimental, folksy percussion. Now, normally that combo would sound crazy but Lee brings it all together with his stripped down and personal vocal delivery. Auburn Epitaphs and its transition into Passenger reminds me of why I am passionate about music. It’s beautiful. You know you’re listening to some good stuff when you have to stop and pay attention to what’s coming through your speakers. Chilling.

The Cowboy’s Prayer is available for purchase starting December 1.


M83 on Jimmy Fallon

Ahh yess! The goosebumps. This takes me back to the Black Cat and M83’s US opener. Check out M83 on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Still can’t believe I was fortunate enough to see these gives live. Life long fan.

Night Shining – What I’m Told

Night Shining, Mike Romeo, What I'm Told

You. Must. Listentothis!! Whew…Night Shining is the tits. I have had What I’m Told on repeat in its own playlist for the past few weeks…I might just now be losing it. This song will transform you. I want to thank the good people over at I Guess I’m Floating for turning me onto Mike Romeo and Night Shining.

I hate sounding like I’m copying someone else’s review but it’s damn near impossible to miss the heavy Radiohead styling in What I’m Told. I would also throw some Elliot Smith into the mix, just for good measure. This beat laydown is insanely beautiful and complex. It will have your mind wrapped around something you can’t even begin to comprehend. There is just so much going on in this song, you have to check it out for yourself (six times minimum). Thanks again, IGIF!

Night Shining – What I’m Told

Flavor of the Week: First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit, The Lion's Roar, Neil Krug

I cannot say enough about First Aid Kit. I first heard this Swedish sister duo when their cover of Fever Ray’s When I Grow Up blew up on the blogosphere. A few weeks later and they were already forgotten. Enter 2011 and news of a new album dropping early 2012; after hearing only two songs off The Lion’s Roar, I am anticipating a blockbuster LP.

The title track is a great intro to these young and extremely talented sisters. The Lion’s Roar highlights their unique and wide-ranging vocal talents. Johanna and Klara keep up an enticing, folksy harmony that is charming and oddly chilling all at the same time. Not to mention the strong stringed instrumentation that is present throughout their songs.

First Aid Kit will soon vault to the top of this movement we call indie-folk, and there will be plenty of people out there saying “I told you so”. I’m ashamed that I left them out to dry last year, but now seems like a great time to make amends. So pour yourself two fingers, sit back and enjoy the Flavor of the Week.

The Lion’s Roar

When I Grow Up (Fever Ray Cover)

Live performance of Emmylou after the jump (second song off TLR)

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Concert Review + Photos: M83 @ Black Cat

M83, Live, Black Cat DC

Holy shitmazingepic! {{Early Show Review}} Formulating coherent thoughts into a review is going to be near impossible for this show. M83 pure killed it at Black Cat. You must see these guys live, it will change your life. The entire show was a blur of lights, reverb rhythm, and infectious sound. Without a setlist for reference, I would not have be able to discern one song from the next. Halfway through the show I was in a near ethereal state. Thank you M83!

Intro and Midnight City led off the show. Never before have I experienced such an adrenaline spike at the beginning of a concert. Midnight City was every bit as good live, and them some. The sold out crowd was completely caught off guard hearing that song so early on… just got the chills reminiscing. Morgan Kibby was incredible throughout the night and never more so while belting out lyrics for Intro. Without her, M83 is a much lesser band. I was a little worried that they peaked too early but those thoughts were quickly and emphatically extinguished.

M83 brought back the classics with Kim & Jessie followed closely by We Own The Sky. The latter was definitely a highlight of the main set. Everyone jumping, dancing, swaying…it was special. Gonzalez chose to close out the night with one of the most popular songs off Saturdays = Youth, Couleurs. And what a perfect way to end it all; the crowd was completely hypnotized and electrified by the instrumental fueled jam session.

Unfortunately we did not get to hear Raconte-Moi Une Historie. I was almost positive Gonzalez would lead the group back out for one final closing song. It was not meant to be. That was the only let down for the night but if I’m being honest with myself, I never should have never to hear that song. It would have felt forced and out of place on this night.

I am going to be talking about this show for some time to come. Happy it was shared with some good friends. I greatly look forward for the next go around, and so should you. — RIF

Setlist and more (read great) concert photos after the jump.

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