Album Review: Youth Lagoon – The Year of Hibernation

Youth Lagoon, The Year of Hibernation

If you’re not listening to Youth Lagoon, you need to be. Right now. I know, I have generally positive words for most everything I post to this site. This band is part of the exception. Youth Lagoon has captured the essence of music and stapled it to my heart. It’s impossible to believe that the talent behind this band, Trevor Powers,  is a 22-year-old indie rock start-up.

Powers applies expert precision while combining synths and loops with lighthearted, melodic keys and instrumentation. Everything comes together as a dreamy, rhythmic fusion that is absolutely addicting.

The songs crafted into The Year of Hibernation draw heavily from Powers’ childhood experiences. Every song touches on struggles from his not too distant past. There is a loneliness to the lyrics. 17 is rooted with poignant advice Powers received from his mother; “Don’t stop imagining. The day that you do is the day that you die”. Posters sums up the motif for this album perfectly. He talks deeply about dreams never realized and the emptiness felt as they fell beyond grasp (“My whole life is filled with posters / My whole life if filled with posters”). On July, we hear two sides to the story. Five years apart with two very different feelings.

Though, stealthily, and quite beautifully, The Year of Hibernation breaks out of the monstrous nightmares and talks of love lost. Clearly there is a shining light that drives Powers. Which, I think, adds incredible depth to Youth Lagoon. This isn’t your normal dreamy pop, chill-wave attitude. Powers has cultivated his voice to speak on his experiences as a whole. The result is one of the best albums of the year.

Youth Lagoon – Posters / Cannons / 17


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