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District Spotlight: Lightfoot

Lightfoot, Scarlet Sails, Black Cat, Album Release

People! It’s high time Rarity In Form dipped into the local DC music scene. The District is rapidly heating up with tons of great venues between Arlington and DC for local talent to grow a fan base. For this first installment, we look to a charming group with DC and Richmond roots. Lightfoot is fronted by Jessica Louise Dye, who has a pretty crazy back story leading up to her involvement in Lightfoot. Some of the highlights include a time with the Air Force, lost love, and a brief stint living out of her car.

Lucky for everyone, Dye found inspiration in music along the way and her incredible talent is spearheading the charge for Lightfoot. Dye uses the adversity she has faced in life to deliver heartbreaking and heartwarming ballads featuring her stupid-good vocal range and heavy-pop guitar. Lightfoot’s sound comes together in a folksy, sometimes airy dream that is ever cozy yet will definitely make you do some soul searching.

Lightfoot will be hosting an album release show for their new EP Scarlet Sails at Black Cat this Friday, January 27! What an awesome venue to experience this dynamic group first hand. They will even be running some promotions for the show so be sure to book your ticket ASAP and pick up their brand new EP.

Read on for Lightfoot’s new music video for 1963 (my personal favorite). Which features iconic local sights from my hometown of Richmond. Thanks for making me miss home, especially Belle Isle.

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Concert Review: Real Estate @ Black Cat

Real Estate, Live, Black Cat, Washington DC

Real Estate is an ever building force wrapped in nostalgia. On an icy night in DC, these guys from Brooklyn provided the perfect energy to close out the weekend. Real Estate being big Giant’s fans, delayed the show several minutes while waiting out the end of the playoff game. Luckily they didn’t wait through overtime because the sold out Black Cat crowd was itching to start moving.

Real Estate touched all bases with their set but the main focus was on tracks from their 2011 album Days. They led off with Green Aisles and Easy which set the crowd to fully primed. By the time It’s Real hit in the middle of the set, Real Estate could not be touched. The flow created by Real Estate’s sound lulls you into an effervescent state of mind that only gets better with every song.

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Rarity In Form is going to Coachella

Coacella 2012

That’s right, folks. I braved the shit-storm that was the ticket process and was somehow able to score a Weekend 2 pass. I am beyond excited for what lies ahead and I have no idea of what to expect for the weekend. Some have said I’m likely going to die. I won’t argue that statement. My head very well may explode trying to map out all of the great bands I want/must see. Right now I’m not thinking about that. All I know is that Radiohead is headlining Saturday and I will be able to die a happy man after seeing them live.

Rarity In Form will be providing as much coverage as possible of the weekend’s events. In reality, that’s not a lot of coverage. So if you’re interested in joining RIF as a guest contributor for Coachella, email rarityinform[at] for details.

Read on to see which bands I’m most excited about seeing:

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Introducing: Lemolo

Lemolo, Open Air, Dylan Priest, Doe Bay

Aaand we’re back! Rarity In Form is kicking off the new year with Lemolo, an excellent new group out of Seattle. This duo is powered by Meagan Grandall (vocals, keys & guitar) and Kendra Cox (drums & keys). The two come together to create an infectious collaboration of energy and sound. Grandall’s vocal range remains pleasantly steady throughout most of their songs yet will surprise you with a powerful punch that comes out of nowhere. Cox supplies a steady backdrop that keeps the songs on track but can seriously rock on the drums; especially on tracks like In Black & White.

Meagan and Kendra are currently in the studio busting out their debut album. Judging by their Twitter updates, the record is in the final works and will hopefully be hitting our ears by early Spring. Lemolo will inevitably gain national appeal and I cannot wait for them to start hitting up the east coast. See you soon, ladies.

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