Introducing: Lemolo

Lemolo, Open Air, Dylan Priest, Doe Bay

Aaand we’re back! Rarity In Form is kicking off the new year with Lemolo, an excellent new group out of Seattle. This duo is powered by Meagan Grandall (vocals, keys & guitar) and Kendra Cox (drums & keys). The two come together to create an infectious collaboration of energy and sound. Grandall’s vocal range remains pleasantly steady throughout most of their songs yet will surprise you with a powerful punch that comes out of nowhere. Cox supplies a steady backdrop that keeps the songs on track but can seriously rock on the drums; especially on tracks like In Black & White.

Meagan and Kendra are currently in the studio busting out their debut album. Judging by their Twitter updates, the record is in the final works and will hopefully be hitting our ears by early Spring. Lemolo will inevitably gain national appeal and I cannot wait for them to start hitting up the east coast. See you soon, ladies.


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  1. I’m lovin’ Lemolo!

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