Concert Review: Real Estate @ Black Cat

Real Estate, Live, Black Cat, Washington DC

Real Estate is an ever building force wrapped in nostalgia. On an icy night in DC, these guys from Brooklyn provided the perfect energy to close out the weekend. Real Estate being big Giant’s fans, delayed the show several minutes while waiting out the end of the playoff game. Luckily they didn’t wait through overtime because the sold out Black Cat crowd was itching to start moving.

Real Estate touched all bases with their set but the main focus was on tracks from their 2011 album Days. They led off with Green Aisles and Easy which set the crowd to fully primed. By the time It’s Real hit in the middle of the set, Real Estate could not be touched. The flow created by Real Estate’s sound lulls you into an effervescent state of mind that only gets better with every song.

New and old tracks were mixed in perfectly to provide well-placed interruptions to the building sound that is Days. Beach Comber was probably one of my favorite songs of the night. Experiencing this old favorite live was a special moment. It was even more special this night since I always seem to end up in a reminiscent mood when listening to Real Estate.

The Black Cat was treated to a new song from Real Estate. I did not catch the name, but it was the shit. Hopefully this song was just the tip of the iceberg that leads to an EP release sometime this year. Just sayin’, that would be pretty crucial.

The night closed with a brief, one song encore featuring All The Same. A perfect ending to the show and weekend. Nothing over the top. Just a beautiful song to leave everyone warm and happy.


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