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Introducing: Conveyor

Conveyor Band, Mukraker, Sun Ray

It only took one listen for me to be absolutely hooked on Conveyor. Go ahead, try to pinpoint their sound. Not easy. It can be best described as experimental folk-pop with a happy blend of electronic loops and sythns and a hint of chillwave (I know, right??). This fusion is subtle but it plays perfectly with Conveyor’s unpredictable range of moods.

With each release, this Brooklyn based group comes more and more into their own. Mukraker rolls onward effortlessly like a nonchalant wanderer not caring where his journey may end. Because in the end, there’s more Conveyor, and that’s all anyone needs. This unpredictable quality leaves much to be answered, but shit, it’s exciting and reminds me that there is no “forefront” of music. It’s all around us, we just have to listen.

These guys will be hitting DC and Richmond on their very first US Tour this summer. Stay tuned to RIF for updates on tour dates and cities. Enjoy.


Garnets – Dance of the Chloroplasts

Stumbled across Garnets on the always solid yvynyl. Immediately addicted to their sound. Dance of the Chloroplasts is backed by an ever-present beat loop but is powered by the subtlety in which every element is mixed over the beat. Pauses and gaps in the song transform your surroundings into a slow motion suspense.

With every listen, I find myself noticing more and more of the lovely intricacies that make up Garnets’ instrumentation. The keys, percussion, and guitar all meld seamlessly into Anna Wright’s haunting vocal delivery. The stillness of the video plays perfectly to Dance/Chloroplasts. Seeing their icy breath rise throughout is plain beautiful. Breathtaking.

Concert Review: Reptar @ Gibson Guitar Showroom

Reptar, Washington DC, All Things Go, New Noise 2, Gibson Guitar Showroom

Photo courtesy All Things Go; Laura Lopez

Hands down, one of the coolest things I have ever done. The good people at All Things Go certainly know how to throw a party. ATG’s New Noise series at the Gibson Guitar Showroom is a show that every audiofile should experience. There were three great bands that brought down the roof for New Noise 002, but I am going to focus solely on Reptar‘s performance. But trust me, Casual Curious and Fort Lean were excellent and made the night all the more special.

So, I mentioned the venue being awesome. DC’s Gibson Guitar Showroom supplied an intimate experience the likes I have never been apart of in my concert going days. There is no “stage” so the hyped, sold out crowd was able to basically stand in with the bands as their sound poured over the audience. I was lucky enough to sidle up to the front of the crowd for a good majority of the show. The only down side was when one of the 6’6″ behemoths at the show happened to wonder in front of me, essentially giving me a great view of flannel. Oh, I am also forgetting the open bar stocked with Flying Dog and liquor (later cases on cases of Bud Light). Those that were smart enough to get there early were more than tuned up for Reptar’s brain melting set.

Every time I begin to talk about what I experienced during Reptar’s performance, the words seem to get stuck somewhere near my heart. It was mind-blowing, earth rattling, sex inducing, raw power. People were losing their shit. I mean everyone expected something amazing, but what this DC crowd got was something different. In a moment of mid-show reflection, the thought crossed my mind; “Oh, so this is what it’s like to be in a cult”. And I was ok with it.

I honestly have little to no recollection of the setlist, sorry. What I do know is that a new religious movement signed its charter immediately after Stuck In My Id was through. This song might already be my anthem for 2012, but the live performance takes it to new heights. The entire crowd moved and sang as one while Graham Ulicny belted the lyrics into oblivion. Reptar’s electronic synths and bouncy rhythmic instrumentation are made for live performances. Blastoff and Rainbounce once again got the crowd moving. Every note and key is delivered with an intensified passion all capped by Ulicny’s fierce sound. That behemoth I mentioned earlier, yea he nearly took down the entire stage and crowd in the tornado created by Reptar.

What an incredible night. Not to mention, I went to the All Things Go after party and had an epic battle game of landmines with band members and show goers. I’m pretty sure I asked the Reptar guys if their name had anything to do with Rugrats, but I was too bombed to remember their response. That’s for sucking at spinning a quarter. I love music.

Of Monsters and Men – US Tour

Of Monsters and Men, US Tour, Into the Woods

Ladies and gentlemen, Of Monsters and Men have announced their 2012 North America tour. I first introduced Of Monsters and Men early on in RIF’s existence and have been awaiting their tour schedule ever since. It has been a while since I have felt such excitement and jubilation surrounding an up and coming band (read Mumford & Sons). When trying  to describe OM&M, all I can say is remember the last time you immediately fell in love with a band?… yea this is bigger than that.

Make sure to greet and treat our mega-talented guests from Iceland wherever their tour touches your corner of the map. DC is so blessed that we have the honor of hosting this incredible band at Black Cat on a Monday night to kick off April.

Full Tour Lineup + Little Talks Music Video After the Jump

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Album Review: Porcelain Raft – Strange Weekend

Porcelain Raft, Strange Weekend, Black Cat, Album Review

Well, what is it? Only February? And I think I have already found a serious contender for album of the year. It happened by chance that I came across Porcelain Raft and this album. Thanks to Porcelain Raft’s label, Secretly Canadian, I now have an instant classic to delight my ear drums for the ever existing future. Funny, how that works, when you’re not expecting to be blown away, 35 minutes later you standing around wondering where your left shoe is.

After finding my shoe, I took another dive into Strange Weekend, then another, then fourteen more. Honestly, this album has everything. Porcelain Raft combines new age electro-pop synths with that perfect pinch of dreamy, shoegazing guitar riffs. Head man Mauro Remiddi, provides impeccably layered vocals throughout this debut album. Upbeat pings and pangs are looped/twisted/intertwined with a consistent deeper and more brooding mood that provides a depth rarely heard in the age of the electronics. Listening to this album, it’s almost impossible to keep the head from bobbing.

Unless You Speak From Your Heart

Put Me To Sleep

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