Album Review: Porcelain Raft – Strange Weekend

Porcelain Raft, Strange Weekend, Black Cat, Album Review

Well, what is it? Only February? And I think I have already found a serious contender for album of the year. It happened by chance that I came across Porcelain Raft and this album. Thanks to Porcelain Raft’s label, Secretly Canadian, I now have an instant classic to delight my ear drums for the ever existing future. Funny, how that works, when you’re not expecting to be blown away, 35 minutes later you standing around wondering where your left shoe is.

After finding my shoe, I took another dive into Strange Weekend, then another, then fourteen more. Honestly, this album has everything. Porcelain Raft combines new age electro-pop synths with that perfect pinch of dreamy, shoegazing guitar riffs. Head man Mauro Remiddi, provides impeccably layered vocals throughout this debut album. Upbeat pings and pangs are looped/twisted/intertwined with a consistent deeper and more brooding mood that provides a depth rarely heard in the age of the electronics. Listening to this album, it’s almost impossible to keep the head from bobbing.

Unless You Speak From Your Heart

Put Me To Sleep


The sound put together by Porcelain Raft reminds me of MGMT spliced with Washed Out and topped off with a little post-rock fusion. Strange Weekend leads off with one of the strongest tracks, Drifting In And Out. This track eases you into an ethereal mindset that ebbs and flows throughout the album.  Put Me To Sleep reminds me of speeding through hallways and roadways with the lights blurring all around. The song makes me want to move. Fast-forwarding through life on good times. Arguably my favorite track, Unless You Speak From Your Heart, changes the pace up a bit and is an all-star standout on the album. Don’t quote me on this but I definitely hear some hip-hop influence bleeding through.

Looking at the album as a whole, Strange Weekend evokes memories of good times, past and present, that maybe didn’t go quite as planned, yet were enjoyable nonetheless. When taking that perspective, the name of Porcelain Raft’s debut makes a lot of sense. Definitely give this album your time, it’s sure to end up on many end-of-years lists.



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  1. totally agree! i just downloaded the album this week after hearing them on All Songs… was sure you would love them too!

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