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Garnets – Misty’s Ocean

I was overly ecstatic when I heard there was another video from the Garnets’ Blind Club session. The Dance of the Chloroplasts knocked me off my feet and I have been craving more Garnets ever since.

Misty’s Ocean features a familiar suspension of sound that lingers like the ebbing ocean floor. Stop-pauses and drawn out notes add to the mystification behind Garnets sound. Everything is brought to near complete halt, only to kick up in a frenzy of energy revolving around that intoxicating beat loop.

How can you not be excited for what’s to come from these guys?


2012 Rocktown Beer & Music Festival

Rocktown Beer Music Festival, Harrionsburg, JMU

For those of you that know me, you are aware of my growing passion and appreciation for craft beer. I have my good friends at All Malt America to thank for introducing me to the fine world of craft brewing and some truly incredible beers. On top of that, they’re up-incoming home brewers. Check out their blog to stay abreast on the emerging market of American craft brewing. If anything goes down in the world of beer, they’re usually the first to know.

Arguably my favorite weekend from last year revolved around the Rocktown Beer & Music Festival in Harrisonburg, VA. The whole crew converged on JMU and the valley for an epic weekend under the SOGO theme (Sun’s Out Guns Out). To be brief, beers on beers on beers were drank with the backdrop of three great bands to make one hell of a day.

This year, the festival is back with a killer lineup of bands and breweries. The War On Drugs headlines the 2012 festival with opening support from Yarn and the Richmond rooted, No BS! Brass Band. The War On Drugs (Secretly Canadian) puts on an incredible live performance that pairs perfectly with an afternoon full of great beers and great people.

The War On Drugs – Best Night

No BS! Brass delivers a loud, forceful sound of New Orleans brass with an East Coast modern funk spin. Their sound will keep you toe-tapping long after their set has ended. Co-Founder and trombonist Reggie Pace has been on the road with Bon Iver for 2011 & 2012. This is a band that absolutely must be hear live. Represent RVA!!

All Malt America was drunkenly along for the ride last year and this year they’re providing full coverage for the Rocktown event. Make sure to regularly check with their site for Festival updates and to read up on craft beer previews. You can grab your tickets here. Cheers!

All Malt America – Rocktown Beer & Music Festival – Early Preview & Participating Breweries

Epic Week in Concerts

The music scene literally explodes this week in DC. I have shows lined up Wednesday through Saturday and I might even pick up a Sunday ticket. Bowerbirds! Gotye! Polica! Youth Lagoon!! There is no way I’m going to be able to review all these shows (new job!!) so here’s a quick preview of the upcoming week in music. My favorite part about this week? Four concerts, four different venues all with a best friend in town. I will survive?

Unfortunately most of these are sold out (minus Bowerbirds). If you’re up for joining, snag some last-minute craigslistings, it’s going to be special.

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Frontier Ruckus – Nerves of the Nightmind

There is something behind the soulful strummings of Frontier Ruckus that tugs on your heartstrings…and it’s beautiful to behold. Listening, you are placed into simpler times; paining over a longing love and memories of a past left behind. To be honest, these guys make miss home.

Their sound is delicately aged with a bluesy-folk full of sorrowful wisdom. Frontier Ruckus is great for when in need of reflection. Matthew Milia delivers pained lyrics with a strained and passionate voice. Trials of dreams and times gone by are etched deeply in these songs. The featured female, Anna Burch, supplements Milia for a softer reprieve.

Nerves of the Nightmind is straight magic (I need to copyright that). The layered folk instrumentation is a crescendo of Americana sound. Frontier Ruckus delivers a soul etching performance with this song. How can you not love the saw blade? That’s what I thought. And this mastery is carried across their impressive portfolio.

I URGE, anyone who is passionate about live music to come support these guys when they hit the intimate stage of IOTA Music Club in Arlington on 30 March. This will be a once in a lifetime type show. Tickets at the door.

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