Frontier Ruckus – Nerves of the Nightmind

There is something behind the soulful strummings of Frontier Ruckus that tugs on your heartstrings…and it’s beautiful to behold. Listening, you are placed into simpler times; paining over a longing love and memories of a past left behind. To be honest, these guys make miss home.

Their sound is delicately aged with a bluesy-folk full of sorrowful wisdom. Frontier Ruckus is great for when in need of reflection. Matthew Milia delivers pained lyrics with a strained and passionate voice. Trials of dreams and times gone by are etched deeply in these songs. The featured female, Anna Burch, supplements Milia for a softer reprieve.

Nerves of the Nightmind is straight magic (I need to copyright that). The layered folk instrumentation is a crescendo of Americana sound. Frontier Ruckus delivers a soul etching performance with this song. How can you not love the saw blade? That’s what I thought. And this mastery is carried across their impressive portfolio.

I URGE, anyone who is passionate about live music to come support these guys when they hit the intimate stage of IOTA Music Club in Arlington on 30 March. This will be a once in a lifetime type show. Tickets at the door.


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  1. Not normally a fan of this kind of music, but there is something reminiscent of Grant Lee Buffalo/Clap Your Hands Say Yeah/Violent Femmes in here which I really like. Will definitely look up more of their work. Thanks. devilsaardvark.

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