Sameblod – UR Road

Sameblod, UR Road, Sweden, Braided Memos

Every once in a while you need crave something that is outside of the lines untamed. Sameblod’s catchy dance electronic melodies crash in rhythm while sweeping through each track as a crescendo of unbridled sound. These guys from Sweden blast synths on top of synths which are heavy on skull rattling reverb.

Debut Braided Memos hits stores and the interwebs April 20, 2012 via Riot FactoryUR Road is an anthem worthy lead single that will have you up and moving by the 10 second mark. That reverb I was talking about, it hits you square in the chest and immediately has you hooked. Then the whistling comes mixes. Shit, this song is my jam! “It’s my track, it’s my track…”

Be on the look out for the album by all of the appropriate channels and stay tuned for US tour updates.


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  1. Great track, the album is pretty fantastic as well!

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