Reflections: One Year in the Books

Well, it’s been one year since Rarity In Form was born out of my love of music. One year since I took the leap and decided to see if I could make some noise as a music blogger. To say everything went as expected would be; well, not close at all. There have been amazing highs and scattered lulls throughout this year. The feedback I have received has been amazing. Whether it was being featured on a band’s blog, retweeted by artists, or friends and strangers alike complimenting Rarity In Form. The praise has kept me going and hugely appreciated.

This venture was originally for my friends, to share with them music that may have been outside their comfort zone. Once I got going, I quickly realized that this could be so much more. Rarity In Form has introduced me to some great people and great music that otherwise would have never been known to me.

Radiohead Coachella

Highlight of the Year: Radiohead @ Coachella – Weekend 2

So, one year later, the big question is, what’s next? Where do I take this? The quick answer, I keep going and see how big this thing can grow. It only took a few months for me to realize that my place belonged in the music industry. It is my dream/goal to use Rarity In Form as the stepping stone onto something bigger. This year, be on the lookout for artist interviews, exclusive content premiers, new contributors, and of course more new music.

The Rarity In Form Facebook page just launched and will feature all RIF posts and music news/updates across the industry. Make sure you “Like” the page to subscribe to updates. I would also like to explore creating an official logo for the blog, so if you or someone you know has any design experience and wants to help out, shoot me an email at

Thanks again everyone for your support, this has been a lot of fun. Drop a comment on this post with your feedback and let me know what you want to see this year.


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