Concert Review: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros @ 9:30 Club

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros,  9:30 Club, Live, Concert

It was a night for dreamers. If you were there, you’re going to remember this show for the rest of your life (especially me, but more on that later). The crowd slowly trickled in to fill the sold out 9:30 club to the rafters. In the stilled moments leading up to Edward Sharpe, it was ass to ankles from bar to bar. You had your spot, your beer(s) and you weren’t going anywhere.

This concert developed with an air of mystery for me. I knew loved the hits and crushed Alex Ebert’s solo album. But beyond that, I was lost. In the end, none of that mattered. Edward Sharpe delivered an energy and sound that it is near impossible to match in a live setting. This can mostly be attributed to the twelve piece band that plays everything. Literally everything.

Together, their sound rose as a deafening crescendo that inherited the energy of everything in its path. My ears are still ringing with their sweet, beautiful melodies. The motion and power of the crowd was merely an extension of the stage itself. And I mean this quite literally. Alex came out into the crowd on multiple occasions to be with his people. The air surrounding Ebert’s performance transformed onlookers instantly.

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, 9:30 Club, live, concert

It was nearly a two hour set of joy and madness, together as one. No encore bull shit. Just a straight summer-of-love marathon. I feel it’s appropriate to mention here that I have not the slightest idea how the setlist went down. A better blogger/reviewer would have made note of everything that I have missed or forgotten. Shame on them! I was in awe of the moment and my phone never left my pocket (for the most part).

Janglin and 40 Day Dream were played in the early stages which quickly had everyone’s body moving. After one or two new songs, Ebert revealed that he was feeling tired and needed something to wake him up. What followed was a near 20 minute? long jam session to Awake My Body off Ebert’s solo album. This seemed to drag on a bit and had me thinking that maybe he was actually tired. Whatever the case was, this seemed to do the trick. For the rest of the show the stage was alive with pure, unadulterated exuberance.

More new songs ensued, which were the unsung highlight of the night and greatly raised my expectations for the next Edward Sharpe release. When the first notes for Home finally came in the latter stages of the show, I was already in dreamland. The crowd had been yearning for this moment all night, and it did not disappoint. My feet barely touched the floor for the entirety of the song. Alex and Jade Castrinos’ chemistry was adorable as ever. Truly an experience I will likely never forget.

You would think that would be the highlight of my night. Nope. For the final song, Ebert took a casual stroll out in the crowd, turned on the spotlight, and stopped. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! My fellow neighbors and I took a seat alongside Ebert and were serenaded by a deeply personal performance of a song that was beautiful as ever. In the end, Ebert and I grabbed hands, stood up together, had a laugh…and it was over. Show of a lifetime.

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, 9:30 Club, dc, live, concert


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