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Introducing: South Pole

South Pole, South Pole Band, Vostok, Skua, Southampton

Here is a brand new outfit hailing (once again) from Southampton UK. Do we have a new indie hotbed for upcoming bands? Move over Portland and Perth, Southampton is trending! South Pole is so fresh, they’re barely out of the plastic wrap. All you will be able to find out there from this quintet is a facebook page and two bomb demo tracks.

South Pole are a crossover between rock overture and ambient dreamscape. With each listen, you’re never quite sure whether you should be focusing on the subtle nuances of the post-rock-esque instrumental collection or Emily Bacon’s center-stage, raw vocal power.

Absolutely love the quick insertions of heavy reverb in Skua; effectively amplifying the soothing, ambient nature of South Pole. Take a listen for yourself and help spread the word. Be on the lookout for a debut EP sometime later this year. And as always, keep tuned to RIF for all the latest news/updates.


Alameda – Colfax

Alameda, Colfax, Procession, Alameda the band, Oaxaca, Stirling Myles

Over a year ago, Rarity In Form kicked things off by introducing a mesmerizing new act out of Portland with the first post. To my amateur surprise, that first post received a personal email from the band, a RT and Facebook share. Talk about making a fan for life. That band was Alameda and their debut album Seasons / Spectres went on to be a smash hit within the indie-folk circles and beyond.

Well friends, Alameda are back with a handful of new singles off their upcoming sophomore album, Procession, due out Sept 15 via False Migration. Don’t you just love when a fresh, new group follows up with an album the very next year? Of the three tracks being sampled on the interwebs, none will disappoint. Colfax immediately reminds me of how I became hooked on Alameda to begin with. Stirling Myles voice carries the beautifully strained instrumentals across deep harmonizations. I’ve said it before, this band sounds like they’ve been at this for years. I’m still amazed at the maturity in which their sound is delivered.

The success of S/S has allowed Alameda to finally venture away from the west coast and embark on a nationwide tour. They will be playing at The Black Squirrel in DC on Sept 23. I absolutely love this place for the craft beer selection, no idea they hosted shows. Can’t wait! In the meantime, enjoy another single, Oaxaca, hosted over at My Old Kentucky Blog.

Flavor of the Week: High Highs

High Highs, Once Around The House, Horses, High Highs band, Small Plates Records

With that perfect dosage of mesmeric, folk and indie pop, High Highs have the power to leave the listener in a dream state. You will feel like you’ve been transported back in time to some vintage, sepia-toned love story. Close your eyes and enter a world developing around your own choppy cut, late-summer-sun vintage montage.

New single Once Around The House is the first off their to-be-titled upcoming debut full length. You will definitely be reminded of Fleet Foxes and more recent Bon Iver when listening to this track. The folksy introduction gives way to an upbeat crescendo of sound. All highlighted by High Highs core rattling harmonization. Horses is perfect. The guitar, the harmony…ahh! It gets me every time. If you aren’t just smacked in the face with nostalgia from this song, you might want to see about some therapy. Just my unprofessional opinion.

These guys from New York (by way of Australia) are propped by Small Plates Records; an indie label collaboration between my two favorite music blogs, yvinyl & I Guess I’m Floating. It’s my secret ambition to work with these guys / someday be recognized on their level. Seriously though, check out the blogs and this label. RIF would be stuck in yesterday without the constant inspiration I receive from their content.

Be on the lookout for High Highs debut which is tentatively set for January 2013. As always, stay in tune with Concert Pulse for updates on tour dates. Enjoy.

MØ – Pilgrim

MØ, MO, Denmark, music, Pilgrim, Maiden

Ah the attitude and rebellion of youth. This is the message that wants you to hear. These themes are a constant throughout Karen Marie Ørsted’s tracks. Synths simultaneously hit you from all sides and will have you questioning what exactly you’re listening to. But it all comes together in an amazingly beautiful hip-pop/electro ballad. Yea, I said hip-pop, get over it.

Consider Pilgrim your “do bad shit” anthem for this weekend. Go ahead, put MØ on repeat while you force feed yourself 40’s on 40’s. Well at least that’s what my youth is telling me to do.

Be on the look out for MØ’s debut album at the tail end of this summer. In the meantime, follow her SoundCloud for the most recent releases.

MØ – Pilgrim

Introducing: Pale Seas

I’m going to put aside my USA flag for a second to rep an incredible new band from the UK. It’s a crime that Pale Seas are unsigned. Anyone up for starting a record label? For now we can enjoy these guys under the radar. A steady stream of incredible music all to ourselves…but not for long.

Pale Seas describe themselves as “dream folk” — a genre I can’t recall ever being applied in this day and age. In line with the down-tempo, shoe gazing sphere, Pale Seas create mystery and mystique with their airy, lofty backdrops. Each song will have you dipping in and out of your own personal soundtrack. Jacob Scott leads on vocals. Creating semi-haunting harmonies which are linked through deep, guitar led instrumentations.

With each new song posted to their SoundCloud, Pale Seas show another side to their complexity and depth. Love lost and heartbreak is the overarching motif that pulses throughout. Every listen results in a new favorite track. I guess it really depends on my emotional state in that moment. You’ll have to decide for yourself.

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