MØ – Pilgrim

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Ah the attitude and rebellion of youth. This is the message that wants you to hear. These themes are a constant throughout Karen Marie Ørsted’s tracks. Synths simultaneously hit you from all sides and will have you questioning what exactly you’re listening to. But it all comes together in an amazingly beautiful hip-pop/electro ballad. Yea, I said hip-pop, get over it.

Consider Pilgrim your “do bad shit” anthem for this weekend. Go ahead, put MØ on repeat while you force feed yourself 40’s on 40’s. Well at least that’s what my youth is telling me to do.

Be on the look out for MØ’s debut album at the tail end of this summer. In the meantime, follow her SoundCloud for the most recent releases.

MØ – Pilgrim


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  1. Reblogged this on Redcoat Radio and commented:
    MØ isn’t a british anything, but she’s in the neighborhood, or at least relatively closer to Britain than Miami (whatever dudes it counts; my show my blog my music, right?) and I can’t stop listening to ‘Pilgrim’.

  2. Her unique mix of pop, hip-hop, electro, soul and dubstep is fresh sounding and it genuinely sounds like MØ is fighting a battle of mixed emotions inside of herself.

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