Alameda – Colfax

Alameda, Colfax, Procession, Alameda the band, Oaxaca, Stirling Myles

Over a year ago, Rarity In Form kicked things off by introducing a mesmerizing new act out of Portland with the first post. To my amateur surprise, that first post received a personal email from the band, a RT and Facebook share. Talk about making a fan for life. That band was Alameda and their debut album Seasons / Spectres went on to be a smash hit within the indie-folk circles and beyond.

Well friends, Alameda are back with a handful of new singles off their upcoming sophomore album, Procession, due out Sept 15 via False Migration. Don’t you just love when a fresh, new group follows up with an album the very next year? Of the three tracks being sampled on the interwebs, none will disappoint. Colfax immediately reminds me of how I became hooked on Alameda to begin with. Stirling Myles voice carries the beautifully strained instrumentals across deep harmonizations. I’ve said it before, this band sounds like they’ve been at this for years. I’m still amazed at the maturity in which their sound is delivered.

The success of S/S has allowed Alameda to finally venture away from the west coast and embark on a nationwide tour. They will be playing at The Black Squirrel in DC on Sept 23. I absolutely love this place for the craft beer selection, no idea they hosted shows. Can’t wait! In the meantime, enjoy another single, Oaxaca, hosted over at My Old Kentucky Blog.


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