Introducing: South Pole

South Pole, South Pole Band, Vostok, Skua, Southampton

Here is a brand new outfit hailing (once again) from Southampton UK. Do we have a new indie hotbed for upcoming bands? Move over Portland and Perth, Southampton is trending! South Pole is so fresh, they’re barely out of the plastic wrap. All you will be able to find out there from this quintet is a facebook page and two bomb demo tracks.

South Pole are a crossover between rock overture and ambient dreamscape. With each listen, you’re never quite sure whether you should be focusing on the subtle nuances of the post-rock-esque instrumental collection or Emily Bacon’s center-stage, raw vocal power.

Absolutely love the quick insertions of heavy reverb in Skua; effectively amplifying the soothing, ambient nature of South Pole. Take a listen for yourself and help spread the word. Be on the lookout for a debut EP sometime later this year. And as always, keep tuned to RIF for all the latest news/updates.


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  1. such a great sound, tranquil while maintaining so much depth. love it!

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