Opening Discoveries: JBM

Everyone please welcome Opening Discoveries to the RIF lineup! This segment will focus artists discovered as opening acts for shows in the DC area. I attribute many of my finds (Milo Greene, Dry the River , etc.) to checking out opening acts before going to a show. This week I’d like to introduce JBM, who will be opening for alt-J this weekend (9/15) at Rock N Roll Hotel (sorry, tickets sold out).

Jesse Merchant is the man, the mystery behind JBM. Stray Ashes is the sophomore album from Merchant released through Western Vinyl. JBM’s songs of love and loss will leave your heart aching for every person/memory/moment that you’ve ever missed. All of the sudden you’ll smell their hair and feel the breeze. In that instant, some distant past drives back to the forefront bringing old bruises along the way. The stories in Merchant’s songs are powerful and painful yet delivered with a warming tenderness.

I absolutely love the intimacy that comes through Merchant’s delivery. I can’t help but draw comparisons to My Morning Jacket as I go through Stray Ashes. Check out the a live studio recording of Winter Ghosts about and be sure to catch JBM whenever they stop through your town. Keep on discovering!

JBM – Winter Ghosts


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