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District Spotlight: Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus, Girls Back Home, Finest Cursive, Richmond Music

Well not quite DC, but Ms. Dacus is a super talented indie folk songstress from my hometown of Richmond, VA.

It, it’s magic. The beauty seems almost effortless. Lucy Dacus is just spinning up her musical career but you’d never get that impression listening to her voice and these mesmerizing songs. The maturity and warmth in her delivery will leave you stunned.

Her debut EP, Girls Back Home, is an intimate experience. Trust me, you’ll be in a place of yearning and reflection once you’re on deep into your fifth or sixth listen. Finest Cursive and the title track immediately showcase the power and uniqueness of Lucy’s voice. Both tacks are chilling and soul etching in their mystique; perfect for a stroll through autumn leaves or a night in by the fire.

It’s fairly plain to see we have a star on our hands. Be sure to follow Lucy Dacus in any form possible so we can be assured more songs and albums just as lovely as the first go ’round.

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