Other Lives – Mind the Gap EP

Other Lives, Mind the Gap, Atoms for Peace, Tamer Animals, Dust Bowl, Other Lives Band

Back and back again. Other Lives‘ 2011 LP, Tamer Animals, is one of the best albums, ever. It haunts me to this day; an album on my short list for moments in music that have changed me as a whole. A milestone in excellence.

Please please! Take an hour out of your day (any day, every day!) to listen to Tamer Animals all the way through. Jesse Tabish’s voice paints a permanent mark upon the soul. Song after song rises in a ceaseless wave of unabridged emotion. Guhh, the full experience of Other Lives is almost too much to express in words.

For 12

Tamer Animals

The 4 track EP Mind the Gap was released late October. Take Us Alive expands upon the dramatic emotion created within the previous album. The cinematic instrumental backing is effective in building suspense that carries through the remainder of the songs. Maybe it’s me, but the chorus and stringed segments remind me of The Walking Dead intro music. Eerily similar… “they’ll never take us alive”.

Undoubtedly, the biggest change up comes in the form of an Atoms for Peace remix of Tamer Animals. The supergroup led by Thom Yorke and Flea mix in their brand of experimental rock; resulting in an off-centered, infectious electro-meld trip that really can’t be explained.

Tamer Animals (Atoms for Peace remix)

Mind the Gap is a stellar collection that furthers the maturation of Other Lives to new heights. They are bringing their new songs on tour this fall and are hitting DC Friday November 30 @ Rock N Roll Hotel. Don’t miss this!


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  1. I think ‘For 12’ must be one of the most beautiful songs I know. Just perfect. I’ve never listened to the whole album, I will now though!

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