Day Joy – Purple

Day Joy, Purple, Go To Sleep Mess, Small Plates Records, dream folk

I have sat and listened to this song on repeat for close to 45 minutes (2x). Day Joy is here.

You know there are those moments where it just clicks. Where you realize a band will go. Purple is that moment for Day Joy. Purple, with its simplistic and enchanting melody, evokes bittersweet emotions of your fondest moments. Soothing and steady, the percussive and stringed elements assure you that you’re heading in the right direction, yet there’s apprehension of the cool, dark unknown which lies ahead.

“As the season is turning purple” – It’s a known factor. The seasons change. Years come to their calculated end. All we can do is reflect on the moments that have brought us here and know that cycle repeats. Day Joy just hopes the next cycle betters the last.

Day Joy – Purple

Day Joy’s debut LP is set for a February 12 release via Small Plates Records.


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