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Daughter – Still

First off, wow. After all of the teasing and sneak peeks, Daughter have finally released the first single off their upcoming album, If You Leave.

Per usual, this track/video is achingly beautiful. Love’s warming embrace so close, yet infinitely unattainable – lovers’ routines fading into the pain of monotony. Still invokes feelings that are all too familiar with lyrics that are painfully honest. Elena Tonra’s voice latches to the message of the song, creating a deeply personal experience. Again, beautiful.

If You Leave is to be released April 30 in the US via Glassnote. Daughter are embarking on a huge North American tour this spring. They will be hitting DC’s Black Cat Thursday May 2.

Daughter:  Website | Facebook | Tour | Twitter


Junip – Line of Fire

Junip, Junip Band, Line of Fire, Jose Gonzalez

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Junip, people! They’re back with the first single of their self-titled, sophomore album due out April 23 via Mute.

Line of Fire is a sprawling stream of percussion bundled with an ever-building, dramatic emotion. The whole track has a monumental direction that ends in a wave of unbridled energy. Jose Gonzalez’s unmistakably soothing vocals are aptly reassuring throughout the track’s build up. Jose gets me every time. This a great return for Junip that promises a mature sound to build off their stellar debut, Fields.

Junip: Website | Facebook | Youtube

Foreign Fields – Fake Arms

I’m not really sure how I missed out on Foreign Fields in 2012 but holy smokefire! Obsessed is a word; I will use it to apply to this situation.

Check out their new video for, Fake Arms; closing track off their 2012 debut Anywhere But Where I Am. You may be thinking, “What an incredible stripped down and intimate performance!” But this video stays very true to form when compared to the album/studio version. With the addition of creaking floorboards and near ancient instruments, you gain that rusted and weathered mystique that that has the ability to envelop your conscience.

Foreign Fields create an unexpected blend of music. Their sound is a marriage of old and new (electro folk?) that can only be described as unpredictable brilliance. River Kings is a perfect example. I will not believe you if you say you saw that coming. The uniqueness of everything they create is constantly toeing the line of what is acceptable in any genre, and I absolutely love it.

Foreign Fields: Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


District Spotlight: kindlewood

kindlewood, district spotlight, give & take, desiderium, DC,

It only took one verse for me to immediately fall in love with this band. I then proceeded to find new love with each passing song. Kindlewood (little k) trace their roots back to DC/Maryland and are back in the District forging the pathway for their next album.

They have been labeled as dream folk-rock but kindlewood’s isolated acoustics and subtle melodies give their sound a richer texture that resonates with a heavier mood. Kelci Smith’s feather-light vocals are punctuated with impeccable measure and sweetness. Wilderness from their 2011 LP, Desiderium, delivers warmth like a slow burning winter fire, setting the table for the rest of the album.

Give & Take, kindlewood’s 2012 single, shows a maturity that hints the trio is quickly gelling into well-oiled instrument of sound. They will be joining Ugly Purple Sweater (DC) and Kingsley Flood on the Black Cat mainstage Saturday January 12. Get tickets here for a great night in DC music.

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