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The Magnetic North

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This band has me some kind of addicted. I’m on a two listen a day pace for this album and I don’t see that letting up anytime soon.

I aimlessly stumbled upon The Magnetic North and was instantly mesmerized by the dynamic reach exhibited through their sound. The symphonic aura that builds and cascades throughout is met with staunchly unpredictable twists in direction that blew me off my feet. Well, I was likely already seated, but let’s just say that would be the safer way to listen to this beautiful compilation.

Orkney: Symphony of the Magnetic North is painstakingly etched with haunting melodies that paint a mood of mystery and wonderment. The namesake for the album is inspired by the homeland of the band, the Orkney Islands of northern Scotland. Having almost zero geological knowledge of Orkney, I have to assume it is a majestic and unpredictable land, fraught with a frightening beauty.

As far as headphone candy goes, there are few recent releases that will top this album. Might I add that Hannah Peel puts my anxiety at ease with her heavenly soft voice. As always, I hope you enjoy this as much as I have. The Magnetic North’s sophomore album is out now via UK’s Full Time Hobby records.

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Charity Children – Elizabeth

Charity Children, Elizabeth, Berlin, Charity Children Band

Blog mates over at Alphabet Bands may have introduced me to one of the breakout bands of the year and the next big thing… I just had to share with my readers. Oh mighty wind!! Charity Children have that immediate chemistry that cannot be explained. And I’ve had this feeling before; when I first heard bands like Of Monsters and Men, Bon Iver, alt-J. See a trend? Yea, they’re all blown up or currently blowing up.

This song… ahh! Elizabeth is certainly one of the more heartbreaking experiences of recent memory; one that is sure to resonate deeply and painfully with so many. The strained harmonies of Chloë Lewer and Elliott McKee combine with an ambitious wave of instrumentation that hits with such astonishing force you will literally feel the breath escaping from your gaping mouth. Sincere and transparent lyrics are driven by a sweet, folky energy that captures what it means to be alive. Life’s difficult lessons are not lost in Elizabeth, yet are belted in a triumphant exclamation.

Charity Children are based in Berlin and will surely be spreading their reach far across the globe in the coming months. Currently, all we have from these two is the distinct privilege of enjoying this truly beautiful song over and over again. Though, I do not expect this group to remain quiet for long. Elizabeth is available for free download from the group’s SoundCloud page.

Stellar music video ATJ…

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Garnets – Fruit

Garnets, Fruit, London, Garnets Band

I am overly ecstatic to announce that Garnets are back in the fold and making beautiful music once again. RIF favorites from across the pond, Garnets originally took my breath away with their studio videos for Dance of the Chloroplasts and Misty’s Ocean. After a brief hiatus, they are back and have a debut single that has me completely floored.

Fruit truly embraces the beauty and art of simplicity. The soft, low-tempo backdrop gradually cradles you into a soft swoon as the ever present keys seem to build and build… yet never crash. After being so caught up in the rising sound you will hardly realize that the vocals and volume have seamlessly dropped off leaving only a hushed lullaby to take you home.

Needless to say, Garnets are a band to keep two eyes on. Be on the lookout for additional singles and give the band some love on Facebook and BandCamp so they keep making sweet sweet music.

Houses – The Beauty Surrounds

This new single is an incredible follow up to the recently released, Beginnings. Houses are showing real strength and growth with each new song they feature off the new album.

I am left trembling in the wake of the tragic message delivered in this mesmerizing video for The Beauty Surrounds. The dichotomy between each moment in time tears at the heartstrings. Visually this might be one of the deepest heartbreaks put to a soundtrack. This is absolutely breathtaking. Enjoys.

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