Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – If You Didn’t See Me (Then You Weren’t on the Dancefloor)

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, If you didn't see me you weren't on the dancefloor

The year+ following Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr’s 2011 release of It’s A Corporate World was filled with all sorts experimental forays into different musical mediums. Whether it was DJ’ing or dominating the remix, all of that time has led up to this very exciting next step for the dynamic duo out of Detroit.

If You Didn’t See Me bombards us with DEJJ’s trademarked charm and energy. All of their basement mix mastering has clearly payed off here. This song has the feel of love and care that only comes from years of perfecting a craft. Layered and looped and ever-changing, it’s likely we won’t here anything better than this all year… at least until the next single.

This is addicting. Like, I just got an advance on my next pay check to score as much of this song as possible. So please pardon my brevity in this review as I will likely be huddled in SoundCloud for the next few days waiting for more Jr Jr.

Having already seen DEJJ live four times, I already cannot wait for them to tour with the new material. Keep posted to their site for tour updates and news on their upcoming EP Patterns, due out April 16!

Website | Facebook | SoundCloud | Tour | Twitter


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