District Spotlight: Luray

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There is so much to be excited about in the DC music scene these days and I have no doubts in my mind saying that Luray will be at the forefront of the next wave of great DC artists. Anchored by DC-based singer/songwriter Shannon Carey, Luray are poised to take the next big leap with their upcoming debut LP, The Wilder (Aug 27).

Carey has bounced around the US throughout her musical career, adding depth and maturity to her sound with every stop. The end result is a breathtaking, banjo-laden, indie folk/rock that will be melting hearts for years to come. Luray takes their name from the Virginia town of Luray situated within the stunning landscapes of the Shenandoah Valley; an area that I have spent many years and left with countless memories. Carey’s time in Luray had a profound influence on the making of The Wilder.

“Promise of Lakes” has me floored. The rolling mood behind the track has dark beginnings which transform into a triumphant exclamation of hope. Carey’s vocals float like a mist, swirling in and out as the song progresses, eventually becoming the force that drives everything home.

I’m really hoping that “Kalorama” was inspired by the DC neighborhood right up the street from me. Carey’s country influence is heard the strongest on this track and the banjo truly shines within Luray’s brand of experimental indie folk. Luray will be playing an album release show in DC @ Sixth and I on August 24 and will be joined by the stellar DC/MD band kindlewood. You really cannot afford to miss this show. Enjoy!

Luray: Website | facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter | Tour


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