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Other Lives – Mind the Gap EP

Other Lives, Mind the Gap, Atoms for Peace, Tamer Animals, Dust Bowl, Other Lives Band

Back and back again. Other Lives‘ 2011 LP, Tamer Animals, is one of the best albums, ever. It haunts me to this day; an album on my short list for moments in music that have changed me as a whole. A milestone in excellence.

Please please! Take an hour out of your day (any day, every day!) to listen to Tamer Animals all the way through. Jesse Tabish’s voice paints a permanent mark upon the soul. Song after song rises in a ceaseless wave of unabridged emotion. Guhh, the full experience of Other Lives is almost too much to express in words.

For 12

Tamer Animals

The 4 track EP Mind the Gap was released late October. Take Us Alive expands upon the dramatic emotion created within the previous album. The cinematic instrumental backing is effective in building suspense that carries through the remainder of the songs. Maybe it’s me, but the chorus and stringed segments remind me of The Walking Dead intro music. Eerily similar… “they’ll never take us alive”.

Undoubtedly, the biggest change up comes in the form of an Atoms for Peace remix of Tamer Animals. The supergroup led by Thom Yorke and Flea mix in their brand of experimental rock; resulting in an off-centered, infectious electro-meld trip that really can’t be explained.

Tamer Animals (Atoms for Peace remix)

Mind the Gap is a stellar collection that furthers the maturation of Other Lives to new heights. They are bringing their new songs on tour this fall and are hitting DC Friday November 30 @ Rock N Roll Hotel. Don’t miss this!


Flavor of the Week: High Highs

High Highs, Once Around The House, Horses, High Highs band, Small Plates Records

With that perfect dosage of mesmeric, folk and indie pop, High Highs have the power to leave the listener in a dream state. You will feel like you’ve been transported back in time to some vintage, sepia-toned love story. Close your eyes and enter a world developing around your own choppy cut, late-summer-sun vintage montage.

New single Once Around The House is the first off their to-be-titled upcoming debut full length. You will definitely be reminded of Fleet Foxes and more recent Bon Iver when listening to this track. The folksy introduction gives way to an upbeat crescendo of sound. All highlighted by High Highs core rattling harmonization. Horses is perfect. The guitar, the harmony…ahh! It gets me every time. If you aren’t just smacked in the face with nostalgia from this song, you might want to see about some therapy. Just my unprofessional opinion.

These guys from New York (by way of Australia) are propped by Small Plates Records; an indie label collaboration between my two favorite music blogs, yvinyl & I Guess I’m Floating. It’s my secret ambition to work with these guys / someday be recognized on their level. Seriously though, check out the blogs and this label. RIF would be stuck in yesterday without the constant inspiration I receive from their content.

Be on the lookout for High Highs debut which is tentatively set for January 2013. As always, stay in tune with Concert Pulse for updates on tour dates. Enjoy.

MØ – Pilgrim

MØ, MO, Denmark, music, Pilgrim, Maiden

Ah the attitude and rebellion of youth. This is the message that wants you to hear. These themes are a constant throughout Karen Marie Ørsted’s tracks. Synths simultaneously hit you from all sides and will have you questioning what exactly you’re listening to. But it all comes together in an amazingly beautiful hip-pop/electro ballad. Yea, I said hip-pop, get over it.

Consider Pilgrim your “do bad shit” anthem for this weekend. Go ahead, put MØ on repeat while you force feed yourself 40’s on 40’s. Well at least that’s what my youth is telling me to do.

Be on the look out for MØ’s debut album at the tail end of this summer. In the meantime, follow her SoundCloud for the most recent releases.

MØ – Pilgrim

Flavor of the Week: First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit, The Lion's Roar, Neil Krug

I cannot say enough about First Aid Kit. I first heard this Swedish sister duo when their cover of Fever Ray’s When I Grow Up blew up on the blogosphere. A few weeks later and they were already forgotten. Enter 2011 and news of a new album dropping early 2012; after hearing only two songs off The Lion’s Roar, I am anticipating a blockbuster LP.

The title track is a great intro to these young and extremely talented sisters. The Lion’s Roar highlights their unique and wide-ranging vocal talents. Johanna and Klara keep up an enticing, folksy harmony that is charming and oddly chilling all at the same time. Not to mention the strong stringed instrumentation that is present throughout their songs.

First Aid Kit will soon vault to the top of this movement we call indie-folk, and there will be plenty of people out there saying “I told you so”. I’m ashamed that I left them out to dry last year, but now seems like a great time to make amends. So pour yourself two fingers, sit back and enjoy the Flavor of the Week.

The Lion’s Roar

When I Grow Up (Fever Ray Cover)

Live performance of Emmylou after the jump (second song off TLR)

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Flavor of the Week: Ohbijou

Ohbijou Metal Meets; Niagara

Ohbijou’s third album, Metal Meets, definitely has me hooked. I just recently came across this group from Toronto but they are already dominating my playlist. It’s always a good sign when you can listen to a song four times in a row; such is the case with the first track, Niagara. With winter looming ahead, Ohbijou makes you feel right at home with warm lyrics delivered in an almost lullaby.

After several unsuccessful attempts to critique Ohbijou’s music and this album, I stand defeated. Nothing brings my thoughts together better than the following excerpt from the band’s site:

Conceptually, Metal Meets draws on sites populated by rumbling volcanoes, deep lakes and haunted waterfalls, metals torn from damp earth, and dark desires usually uncommitted to words (Mecija sings, for example: “A parsing of this blood to find myself in you”). This is a poetic offering. The band retreated from the familiar in order to test the limits of their craft and attend to detail in a way they had not before. As a result, each song on the album is housed in a matrix of experimental effects and timbres. Listeners and audiences will feel Ohbijou come of age with this album, and their adulthood is more precocious and imaginative than their youth.

Make sure to sit down with Ohbijou sometime soon and enjoy the Flavor of the Week.

Ohbijou – Niagara

Flavor of the Week: Purity Ring

Purity Ring, Lofticries, Belispeak, Ungirthed

Wow, now there’s a headline!

Call me late to the game but who could blame me for wanting as many people as possible to know about this group. Purity Ring is a breath of fresh air that is tearing through the indie pop electro world. Though, it has been difficult gathering useful information about this band since a simple Google search is littered with “promise/purity ring” results. No one wants that. Well, maybe that’s the way it should be for Purity Ring. Let the singles spread by way of blog, giving everyone that unquenched thirst for their pinging pop beats. The masses will have no choice but to go see them live. Well played.

Purity Ring’s songs fit so many different categories it’s not worth trying to stick them into one genre. Regardless, the end result is awesome. On my personal favorite, Ungirthed, the seemingly randomly assorted electro beats unexpectedly give way to Megan James’s refreshing vocal stylings.

Their self-categorization of “future pop” is most accurate on Belispeak. All things considered, Purity Ring has assembled an addictive group of singles that might be a little too unpredictable to get stuck in your head but you will soon be craving for more and more listens. Enjoy the Flavor of the Week.


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