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Purity Ring – Fineshrine

Purity Ring, Fineshrine, Landon Speers

photo credit: Landon Speers

I AM PARALYZED BY THIS SOUND IN MY HEAD!! Purity Ring is back!! Oh baby, do yourself a favor and put on your headphones to experience the liveliness of Fineshrine. Still catching my breath.

This single alone should be enough to warrant buying tickets to their show. So do it now!! They’re playing the Rock N Roll Hotel, Wed September 19 in DC. Which should be the perfect venue to capture the ever-changing energy of Purity Ring.

In case you need further persuasion, check out RIF’s previous post on Purity Ring which includes a handful of amazing tracks from their debut release.

Listen: Purity Ring – Fineshrine 


Beach House – Myth

Beach House, Myth, Bloom, Victoria Legrand, Baltimore

The first single off Beach House’s fourth full-length album, Bloom, keeps up with their dreamy and mesmerizing music. The upcoming album promises to be a new piece of work, meant to be experienced as a whole. Myth has an almost cinematic touch that is enveloped in Victoria Legrand’s dark delivery. I feel a deep connection as I play this track for oh, I don’t know, the hundredth time. It’s stunning to behold. A sound too beautiful to grasp completely.

The album drops May 15 via Sub Pop Records. You can preorder Bloom now to ensure you have a copy come release day. I find it necessary to quote Beach House here on what may easily be the album of the year:

“Remember when there was mystery?”

Aaand if you’re really lucky and happen to be in Charlottesville, VA next Friday (May 4), Beach House will be playing the Jefferson Theater for all ages. Enjoy.

Sameblod – UR Road

Sameblod, UR Road, Sweden, Braided Memos

Every once in a while you need crave something that is outside of the lines untamed. Sameblod’s catchy dance electronic melodies crash in rhythm while sweeping through each track as a crescendo of unbridled sound. These guys from Sweden blast synths on top of synths which are heavy on skull rattling reverb.

Debut Braided Memos hits stores and the interwebs April 20, 2012 via Riot FactoryUR Road is an anthem worthy lead single that will have you up and moving by the 10 second mark. That reverb I was talking about, it hits you square in the chest and immediately has you hooked. Then the whistling comes mixes. Shit, this song is my jam! “It’s my track, it’s my track…”

Be on the look out for the album by all of the appropriate channels and stay tuned for US tour updates.

mp3 of the Week: Pinback – Good to Sea

Pinback Good to Sea Penelope

The mp3 for this week has been on my list for quite sometime now. Pinback’s 2007 release Good to Sea, off of Autumn of the Seraphs has recently started gaining ground in the blogosphere. An old school indie mainstay, Pinback is once again relevant in today’s indie scene. Their electro backdrops and chill wave harmonies fit in perfectly with what everyone seems to be craving these days. Which raises the question, how far ahead of the curve were these guys? Food for thought…enjoy.

Listen: Pinback – Good to Sea 

[Bonus] New Track: Pinback – Penelope

mp3 of the Week: Beirut – East Harlem

Starting today, and continuing each following Wednesday, I am going to post a song that I just cannot keep of my playlist. This way you can close out your week enjoying the same song. Yes, this is stealing the idea of tons of music blogs, but it had to start somewhere so why not continue the trend. I will add my two cents about the song to avoid a completely meaningless post. Please drop your comments each week so we can track and discuss who’s enjoying what.

Beirut, East Harlem, The Rip Tide

This week we hear from Beirut w/ East Harlem, off their new album, The Rip Tide. This track is proof that horns (and Beirut) are back baby! East Harlem highlights Beirut’s amazing ability to transform a simple song into a masterpiece by placing the right instrumentation with an unexpected change of pace.

Listen: Beirut – East Harlem [audio|titles=East Harlem|artists=Beirut]

Listen: Beirut – The Rip Tide; steaming in its entirety over at NPR Music First Listen.

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