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Introducing: Arthur Beatrice

Arthur Beatrice, Arthur Beatrice Band, Midland, Not Without Thinking

Little and less is known about London indie-pop outfit Arthur Beatrice. Even their label, Open Assembly, is shrouded in mystery. Hell, they currently list just one artist?..Arthur Beatrice. All of this unknown has me brimming with excitement. Their future is an open expanse and the beginning looks undeniably promising.

The beginning, two incredible singles featuring Ella Girardot’s powerfully transparent vocals. The first single, Midland, provides the perfect taste of enigmatic energy that defines Arthur Beatrice’s sound. Forces come together like unintended reactions to fractions in time, all driven to a common conclusion by the woven intricacies developed within each instrumentation. Not Without Thinking provides a more packaged experience as more of the band is featured throughout the song. Don’t worry about missing anything from these guys, Rarity In Form will be all over it.

Arthur Beatrice – Midland

Arthur Beatrice – Not Without Thinking

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