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Introducing: Port St. Willow

Port St. Willow, Holiday, Nick Principe

Nearly home after walking through an ominous, post-rain mist, I found myself square in the middle of a breathtaking new album. I kept walking. Each step a result of the music unfolding between my ears.

Port St. Willow’s Holiday will remove you from the physical world and take you through lands of dark, misunderstood mysteries. It’s simple and at the same time a carefully developed complexity.

Nick Principe of Brooklyn, NY is the talent behind Port St. Willow. It goes without saying that Principe’s influence draws heavily from RIF favorite, The Antlers. Holiday is meant to be listened to as one, continuous song, front to back. Each track’s sound, as well as the lyrics, unfold as a  breathtaking story. Every listen takes on a new and more intricate definition.

Take a well-deserved 1 hr break with Port St. Willow. You deserve it and will be thankful you did. Chao.

Live studio performance after the jump…

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Introducing: Conveyor

Conveyor Band, Mukraker, Sun Ray

It only took one listen for me to be absolutely hooked on Conveyor. Go ahead, try to pinpoint their sound. Not easy. It can be best described as experimental folk-pop with a happy blend of electronic loops and sythns and a hint of chillwave (I know, right??). This fusion is subtle but it plays perfectly with Conveyor’s unpredictable range of moods.

With each release, this Brooklyn based group comes more and more into their own. Mukraker rolls onward effortlessly like a nonchalant wanderer not caring where his journey may end. Because in the end, there’s more Conveyor, and that’s all anyone needs. This unpredictable quality leaves much to be answered, but shit, it’s exciting and reminds me that there is no “forefront” of music. It’s all around us, we just have to listen.

These guys will be hitting DC and Richmond on their very first US Tour this summer. Stay tuned to RIF for updates on tour dates and cities. Enjoy.

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