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Garnets – Misty’s Ocean

I was overly ecstatic when I heard there was another video from the Garnets’ Blind Club session. The Dance of the Chloroplasts knocked me off my feet and I have been craving more Garnets ever since.

Misty’s Ocean features a familiar suspension of sound that lingers like the ebbing ocean floor. Stop-pauses and drawn out notes add to the mystification behind Garnets sound. Everything is brought to near complete halt, only to kick up in a frenzy of energy revolving around that intoxicating beat loop.

How can you not be excited for what’s to come from these guys?


Garnets – Dance of the Chloroplasts

Stumbled across Garnets on the always solid yvynyl. Immediately addicted to their sound. Dance of the Chloroplasts is backed by an ever-present beat loop but is powered by the subtlety in which every element is mixed over the beat. Pauses and gaps in the song transform your surroundings into a slow motion suspense.

With every listen, I find myself noticing more and more of the lovely intricacies that make up Garnets’ instrumentation. The keys, percussion, and guitar all meld seamlessly into Anna Wright’s haunting vocal delivery. The stillness of the video plays perfectly to Dance/Chloroplasts. Seeing their icy breath rise throughout is plain beautiful. Breathtaking.

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