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Music Video: Drop Electric – Empire Trashed

Drop Electric will haunt you. Their sprawling, grandiose soundscape digs deep into your inner mechanics. Chills reverberate through my body as their cinematic post rock tosses me straight onto the set of some indie-grunge Sundance short. Empire Trashed hits all ranges of emotions – serving up pain strained by frustrations for the main course; finishing with an inexplicable sensation elation and relief. I’m not one to suggest that Drop Electric will play with your emotions, but you won’t be upset with the end result regardless. This stunning video is produced by DC/NYC studio Dedalus Moving Pictures.

Drop Electric, a DC based band, just released four new tracks as a “sampler platter“. These four tracks show maturity and an added dimension coming off their 2010 hit debut Finding Color in the Ashes.

From all the reviews I’ve read, these guys are not one to miss live. Luckily, the District has two great chances to witness their face melting post rock. Drop Electric will headline the Capitol Groove Fest on July 28. In addition, they headline the STPP Fest Benefit @ Black Cat August 3, which also features RIF approved Conveyor.

Check out the Sampler Platter ATJ…

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