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Bon Iver News Round Up

Bon Iver, Justin Vernon

So, I am officially obsessed with the new Bon Iver album. It’s streaming in its entirety over at NPR Music: First Listen. Don’t start your weekend without first taking a listen to Vernon’s sophomore album, Bon Iver. It has been an eternity since For Emma, Forever Ago was released late in 2007. When I first heard Skinny Love, I was completely enamored by its subtle ability to stop everything else around me. I have easily listened to that album Flume to re: Stacks over 126 times. Needless to say, it has been a big part in the development of my musical consciousness.

Now, with Bon Iver, I have the ludicrous thought that this new album, three+ years later, has the potential to be even better than For Emma.  It is literally that good. Many hours, days, and years will be required to develop the same love for Bon Iver. Time I fully intend on dedicating to this album. Follow the links below to better your day, if not your life.

Stream: Bon Iver @ NPR Music: First Listen

Read: Great article/interview detailing Bon Iver’s journey to this point. Seriously, read this. You’ll thank me later.

Read: Who, What and Where is Bon Iver?

Pre-order: Buy the new album now!

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