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Milo Greene Movie

I will be seeing Milo Greene for the second time this week and first time as headliner. Never have I been more excited for a band to return to DC. Their debut, self-titled album has swept me away in a love affair (not to mention Marlana). Live, there is little and less that compares to Milo Greene’s beautiful on-stage harmony and synergy.

Coinciding with their album release and tour, Milo are putting out a series of music videos which sum up to a 36 minute short titled Moddison. The first two videos for Silent Way and 1957 are currently out via The Warner Sound studio. Each video will build on the story and won’t necessarily come out in their logical order; adding to the mystique. So far, this band can do no wrong. The two videos are visually stunning and complement the music perfectly. You will immediately be emotionally hooked into this story. Be sure to keep up each release and hopefully I will be seeing some of y’all at DC9 this Tuesday. Enjoy!

Milo Greene – 1957

Milo Greene – Silent Way


Life in a Day

If you are looking for a way to escape this suffocating, east coast  heat, I have a movie suggestion that is sure to change your life. Opening next Friday, July 29, Life in a Day is a historic and ground breaking documentary film that chronicles a single day on earth…as told by YouTube. This film stole the show at Sundance and is being called a must-see by all critics. The music in the trailer is also pretty awesome. Let me know what you think if you make it to the theater.

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