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mp3 of the Week: Pinback – Good to Sea

Pinback Good to Sea Penelope

The mp3 for this week has been on my list for quite sometime now. Pinback’s 2007 release Good to Sea, off of Autumn of the Seraphs has recently started gaining ground in the blogosphere. An old school indie mainstay, Pinback is once again relevant in today’s indie scene. Their electro backdrops and chill wave harmonies fit in perfectly with what everyone seems to be craving these days. Which raises the question, how far ahead of the curve were these guys? Food for thought…enjoy.

Listen: Pinback – Good to Sea 

[Bonus] New Track: Pinback – Penelope


mp3 of the Week: Beirut – East Harlem

Starting today, and continuing each following Wednesday, I am going to post a song that I just cannot keep of my playlist. This way you can close out your week enjoying the same song. Yes, this is stealing the idea of tons of music blogs, but it had to start somewhere so why not continue the trend. I will add my two cents about the song to avoid a completely meaningless post. Please drop your comments each week so we can track and discuss who’s enjoying what.

Beirut, East Harlem, The Rip Tide

This week we hear from Beirut w/ East Harlem, off their new album, The Rip Tide. This track is proof that horns (and Beirut) are back baby! East Harlem highlights Beirut’s amazing ability to transform a simple song into a masterpiece by placing the right instrumentation with an unexpected change of pace.

Listen: Beirut – East Harlem [audio|titles=East Harlem|artists=Beirut]

Listen: Beirut – The Rip Tide; steaming in its entirety over at NPR Music First Listen.

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