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The Head and the Heart, debut album

The Head and the Heart;

I have been holding back on my devoted readers. I’ve been keeping a new favorite band secret for a few months now. For this, I am sorry, because The Head and the Heart have completely swept me to the bandwagon. What’s even worse is I am seeing these guys perform in C’ville this August, and you likely are not. Be jealous.

The Head and the Heart will give you comforting  inklings of The Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons. But don’t  be so quick label them as the “next” of anything. Their debut, self titled album, gives hints of a developing sound that has the potential to elevate them to the stardom spectrum. Songs Down in the Valley and Lost in My Mind give you that toe-tapping, knee-bouncing movement that is so crucial in this indie folk movement. I suggest picking up this album immediately and trying to scrape up the last remaining tickets to their summer tour. Enjoy.

Listen: The Head and the Heart – Down in the Valley [audio]

Lost in My Mind [audio]

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