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Daughter – Still

First off, wow. After all of the teasing and sneak peeks, Daughter have finally released the first single off their upcoming album, If You Leave.

Per usual, this track/video is achingly beautiful. Love’s warming embrace so close, yet infinitely unattainable – lovers’ routines fading into the pain of monotony. Still invokes feelings that are all too familiar with lyrics that are painfully honest. Elena Tonra’s voice latches to the message of the song, creating a deeply personal experience. Again, beautiful.

If You Leave is to be released April 30 in the US via Glassnote. Daughter are embarking on a huge North American tour this spring. They will be hitting DC’s Black Cat Thursday May 2.

Daughter:  Website | Facebook | Tour | Twitter


Local Natives – Breakers

Easily one of my favorite albums from 2010, Local Natives‘ debut Gorilla Major is another building block to my growing passion for music. They’re back this year with Breakers, first single off their upcoming 2013 release Hummingbird, slated for a January 23 release via Frenchkiss/Infectious.

Breakers is an intensely satisfying track. The seamless collaboration of so many moving parts is next level shit. Percussion, keys, and beats from every direction. I’d say it’s impossible not to ride their unbreakable harmonies into a deep daydream. It’s vanilla.

And guys, it’s your lucky day. I have it on good word that Local Natives are going on a huge tour early next year. In fact, I already have my ticket. An exclusive artist presale is up on their site and they’re hitting DC April 5 @ the 9:30 Club. Tour details after the jump…
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Video: M83 – Reunion

The kids from M83‘s Midnight City video are back. And this time they’re running for their lives. I can’t help but think the little guy bears an uncanny resemblance to the child version of Anthony Gonzalez.

A word from Mute on the release:

Directed by Fleur & Manu and Produced by DIVISION,  “Reunion” is part two of the story that commenced with “Midnight City.” Together, these two tracks are the soundtrack for a pack of gifted kids with telekinetic powers who escape from an institution and run wild through a desolate cityscape. In the first video we witness their liberation, with “Reunion” we experience their defiance.

The Reunion EP is out now w/ remixes from The Naked and Famous, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Mylo and more. Check it out!

Explosions In The Sky – Postcard From 1952 (video)

Finally seeing Explosions live last month at Coachella will easily be among the top highlights of my year. The pioneers of post-rock put on a mind-melting, emotionally charged performance that shook me to the core. Explosions have just recently ventured into creating videos behind their songs. What we have been given so far are extremely well produced music videos that pair harmoniously with their strangled momentum of sound. Postcard From 1952 might be the best yet.

Postcard From 1952 nearly brings me to tears each time I hit replay. The video focuses on the suspended motion of a photograph’s subjects during the seconds leading up to their capture. These are moments mobilized in time. Increasing light from the building flash highlights the exuberance waiting to be etched on a page in some book; only to fade quickly thereafter. Though, even with the fading light, emotion carries on.

The frolics of neighborhood children bring out raw, uncharted innocence. You can see the adventure develop in their faces as each scene unfolds. The unavoidable smile machine at 3:05 is enough to brighten any day.

Even though Postcard is set in a day and age far from my own, I feel its intended effect all the same. With every shot, the human situation unravels before our eyes as an unbridled adventure. There is joy and wonderment that resonates with every special memory that I have stored away for a lifetime. Each scene is a portrayal of love and passion that is the moment; everything all at once. This is a beautifully crafted masterpiece that enlivens the world captured within.

Explosions In The Sky will be kicking off their Summer tour later this month at Sasquatch Festival. Do not miss them if they grace your hometown.

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