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Album Review of the Week: Alameda – Seasons/Spectres

Seasons/Spectres is the debut album from Portland based Indie folk trio, Alameda. Stirling Myles spits the lyrics and supplies the guitar. Jesse Dettwiler joins as cellist and Jennifer Woodall completes the trio on orchestra clarinet. If there is a template for introducing yourself to the music world, Alameda has done everything right. Seasons/Spectres is a brilliant fold of perfect harmonies, quiet instrumentals, and enchanting lyrics delivered with conviction by Myles. With this album’s simplicity is an understated complexity that bursts to the surface at the perfect moments.

Ever since I heard the first single from Alameda, New Leaf, I’ve been waiting for and wanting these tracks to make this album. Ohh baby, it doesn’t disappoint. New Leaf is intro’d with banjo plucking that hooks you immediately. The banjo returns throughout and is joined by layered instrumentals. Only to be abruptly interrupted by Myles hauntingly, tranquilizing voice. Every time I listen to this song, I get something more out of it…funny because I’m always left wanting more.

Alameda — New Leaf from Joshua Jay Elliott on Vimeo.

Floating Hospital is the lead track for S/S. It has everything you would want in a first song; all members are introduced playing to their strengths and the listener is immediately set on the progression for the songs to come.

Seasons/Spectres is a stirring, beautiful album that fully embodies Spring and everything to come. I hope Alameda is around for some time. Take a listen and tell me what you think. Enjoy.

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