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Night Shining DVD Release

Night Shining has released a stellar new DVD just in time for the holiday season. The DVD contains performance videos for What I’m Told and Faces.  In addition, you will get studio versions for both singles with the DVD.

This DVD preview features a stripped down, live version of Faces. Mike Romeo’s talent is in full view during this candid performance in a makeshift apartment studio. The loops and synths are tuned way down and we’re left with a pleasant, almost chilling delivery. Very impressed how two very different versions of the same song can sound so good. Now I’m really interested to see how Night Shining translates in a live performance.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the DVD over at Etsy. This will make a great gift for any music enthusiast…or yourself.


Night Shining – What I’m Told

Night Shining, Mike Romeo, What I'm Told

You. Must. Listentothis!! Whew…Night Shining is the tits. I have had What I’m Told on repeat in its own playlist for the past few weeks…I might just now be losing it. This song will transform you. I want to thank the good people over at I Guess I’m Floating for turning me onto Mike Romeo and Night Shining.

I hate sounding like I’m copying someone else’s review but it’s damn near impossible to miss the heavy Radiohead styling in What I’m Told. I would also throw some Elliot Smith into the mix, just for good measure. This beat laydown is insanely beautiful and complex. It will have your mind wrapped around something you can’t even begin to comprehend. There is just so much going on in this song, you have to check it out for yourself (six times minimum). Thanks again, IGIF!

Night Shining – What I’m Told

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