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Video: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – We Almost Lost Detroit

Rarity In Form favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. have released a brand new music video for We Almost Lost Detroit off their debut album It’s A Corporate World. One of my favorite DEJJ tracks, the Gil Scott Heron re-imagination packs powerful energy and an infectious, upbeat rhythm.

The video, directed by Andrew Smart, takes us through the streets of Detroit and delves into the sub-culture of the Motor City. We are introduced to numerous small business settings and eclectic characters; all highlighting the resurgence of Detroit and its battle back mentality. Eventually the guys of DEJJ take center stage and we see a very familiar set/atmosphere if you have ever had the privileged to witness this duo live. All that’s missing is the bubble machine.

Zott and Epstein share a very strong connection to their hometown and had this to say about what the video and Detroit mean to them:

As Detroiters, we are born and bred with a civic pride that we are continually told is somewhat uncommon. We wanted the city, and the people in the city, to be the video for this simple reason. It is an exciting time to be from Detroit–as we believe it’s a city that is in the midst of reinventing itself in a huge way.


Music Video: WU LYF – We Bros

This video is the ultimate “Wait for it”. What are you running from, Bros?

There is something about WU LYF and how their lyrics are delivered that demands your attention. The words are simple with a simple message; live life and always back your bros. That message is disseminated by Ellery Roberts’ assertive tone. I have no idea what to else to say about this song except, We Bros!

WU LYF – We Bros

Music Video: M83 – Midnight City

Is this what I’m going to feel like during the M83 concert next week at Black Cat? Did you see that little girl launch that trailer? Not going to lie, that was creepy… in an awesome sort of way.

The video is centered around a group of kids that are being holed up in some sort of institution. It takes the arrival of their “chosen one” to lead them to freedom and take them back to the city that glows. In the end, the kids use some pretty serious telekinesis to bring midnight to their city/institution.

Video: Lana Del Rey – Video Games

Lana Del Rey is a certified bomb shell and I cannot get enough of this song/video. The up-and-coming artist from New York delivers a steady stream of enchanting and saddening tones yet all you are left with is pure appreciation for the song and the talent behind it (seriously, I’ve listened to this song 50+ times). I cannot wait to see Del Rey’s career evolve over the next few years. The video for Video Games features several shots of Del Rey looking absolutely stunning.

Call it a crush…”I heard you like the bad girls, honey, is that true?” So true…

Music Video: Bon Iver – Holocene

The second single from Bon Iver’s new album has been enhanced by this stunning music video directed by NABIL. The video follows a young boy through the ever-changing and enchanting backdrop of Iceland’s wilderness. Holocene is such a beautiful song and the awe-inspiring visuals captured by NABIL leave me considering picking everything up and heading out to the great unknown. Take a few minutes and let this video take you to a quiet, peaceful place.

Listen: Bon Iver – Holocene (Live @ 9:30 Club) [audio|titles=Holocene|artists=Bon Iver]

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A Generations First

This video made me appreciate the smaller things in life just a little more. The smile is contagious as you watch a generation witness their first snow in Wellington, New Zealand.

A once in a lifetime experience

filmed & edited by Ro Tierney on August 15th 2011

Music: Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy

Lord Huron – The Stranger

Lord Huron, The Stranger

Lord Huron’s The Stranger now graces every playlist I have put together, ever. From their second release, Mighty EP, this song seems like it runs endlessly and effortlessly. The perfect summer tune; the lyrics scroll through the tropical, acoustic backdrop and revel in their simplicity. You don’t care to realize that the lyrics are on repeat for most of the track [“Of all of the strangers you’re the strangest that I’ve seen”]. The change of pace near the end leaves us with an eerie truth about the stranger we have all struggled to know and understand [“Now that I’ve seen you face, I am haunted by the letters of your name”]. Put some headphones on and zone out for a bit with Lord Huron, you’ll thank me later.

Lord Huron – The Stranger  

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Introducing: Priory

Priory band, lady of late

Portland, Oregon has produced yet another indie-folk-electro-pop winner with Priory. Lady of Late had me hooked immediately with its poppy edge and soaring vocal harmonies. The video accurately portrays how easy it is to become lost in our lady of late. And just as you finally reach her, you are just as quickly shut out.

If this song is any indication of what this band is capable of, I can’t wait to get my hands on a full length album. Be on the look out for updates on tour dates, hopefully they hit the area soon. Chao

New Song: Radiohead – Staircase

Radiohead recently released this “teaser” for their upcoming studio video, The King Of Limbs: Live From the Basement. The video features the previously unreleased song, StaircaseThe King Of Limbs left me waiting for more from Radiohead. The album is incredible. It possesses a rhythmic quality that, without fail, takes me away from worry and into a heightened state. Every beat is perfectly intertwined with Yorke’s iconic voice. But it’s short, really short. Hopefully these basement sessions lead to the release of additional Radiohead songs.

Separator, the last song in Limbs, would have you believe that this isn’t the last we will hear from Radiohead this year. Please, Thom, I need more.


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