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The Main Event

Friends! This is it. La Pièce de Résistance! I’m making a damn blog. It has been somewhat of a struggle to pin down exactly what I am going to be writing about on here. I’m not doing anything cool, interesting, life-altering, profound, etc., and on top of that, I’m probably not even cool enough to produce a meaningful blog.

One thing I do have is a passion for music and discovering new and great artists to pump through my speakers. Musical talent waved bye-bye to me way back, so this is how I have decided to make my musical contribution to society. I want to share, with my readers, music that is good down to its core. I am not going to describe to you my listening leanings because, at first, we should be open to all music genres. Let’s just say, you probably won’t have heard of most of these bands.

Now, I realize that a 100% music-centric blog won’t appeal to my initial target audience so I will be throwing in splash anecdotes from my other interests: beer (always beer), food, style, higher living, etc. I really do hope you enjoy this project of mine, because, in the end, it’s all for you (Hi grandma!). COMMENT!! Please please provide your feedback on my posts. Like what you hear? Boring? Stimulating? I want to know. In addition, SHARE with your friends and help my little blog spread. Thanks people. Enjoy!

Post Playlist: Radiohead – Kid A (a classic); The Civil Wars  – Barton Hollow

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