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Flavor of the Week: High Highs

High Highs, Once Around The House, Horses, High Highs band, Small Plates Records

With that perfect dosage of mesmeric, folk and indie pop, High Highs have the power to leave the listener in a dream state. You will feel like you’ve been transported back in time to some vintage, sepia-toned love story. Close your eyes and enter a world developing around your own choppy cut, late-summer-sun vintage montage.

New single Once Around The House is the first off their to-be-titled upcoming debut full length. You will definitely be reminded of Fleet Foxes and more recent Bon Iver when listening to this track. The folksy introduction gives way to an upbeat crescendo of sound. All highlighted by High Highs core rattling harmonization. Horses is perfect. The guitar, the harmony…ahh! It gets me every time. If you aren’t just smacked in the face with nostalgia from this song, you might want to see about some therapy. Just my unprofessional opinion.

These guys from New York (by way of Australia) are propped by Small Plates Records; an indie label collaboration between my two favorite music blogs, yvinyl & I Guess I’m Floating. It’s my secret ambition to work with these guys / someday be recognized on their level. Seriously though, check out the blogs and this label. RIF would be stuck in yesterday without the constant inspiration I receive from their content.

Be on the lookout for High Highs debut which is tentatively set for January 2013. As always, stay in tune with Concert Pulse for updates on tour dates. Enjoy.


Garnets – Dance of the Chloroplasts

Stumbled across Garnets on the always solid yvynyl. Immediately addicted to their sound. Dance of the Chloroplasts is backed by an ever-present beat loop but is powered by the subtlety in which every element is mixed over the beat. Pauses and gaps in the song transform your surroundings into a slow motion suspense.

With every listen, I find myself noticing more and more of the lovely intricacies that make up Garnets’ instrumentation. The keys, percussion, and guitar all meld seamlessly into Anna Wright’s haunting vocal delivery. The stillness of the video plays perfectly to Dance/Chloroplasts. Seeing their icy breath rise throughout is plain beautiful. Breathtaking.

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